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Automation Framework

Automation framework used for web applications. It can simulate user interactions and test website functionality. Tests can be written in various programming languages.

Security & VAPT Testing

Security testing, also known as Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT), is the process of evaluating an application or system to identify security vulnerabilities and weaknesses. It involves a combination of automated and manual testing techniques to identify potential security threats and recommend solutions to improve the security of the system.

API Testing

API testing involves testing the functionality of an application’s API (Application Programming Interface) to ensure it meets the expected requirements. It can involve sending requests and verifying responses .

Functioanl / Manual Testing

Functional or Manual Testing is the process of verifying whether a software application or system meets the specified requirements and works as intended. It involves manually testing the application’s features and functionality to identify defects or bugs.

Database Testing

Database testing involves verifying the correctness, completeness, and performance of the database schema, queries, and data manipulation operations. It is a critical part of software testing to ensure the accuracy and consistency of data used by the application.


Different SDLC Methodoloes

Waterfall Model: Linear and sequential. Agile Methodology: Iterative and flexible for continuous delivery. Scrum Framework: Agile emphasizing teamwork and adaptability. Kanban Methodology: Agile emphasizing workflow visualization and continuous delivery. DevOps: Approach combining development and operations for collaboration and automation.